How Social Media Has Changed My Job

In the last 2 years of blogging I’ve been able to share my own views on social media, interactive marketing and other topics.  During that time my day job at Rosetta has evolved from working with exciting companies like Coach and Borders to leading our Search and Media practice.  I’ve had the fortunate experience of working with talented teams and innovative clients, with an agency leadership team who was willing to help me launch our social media practice over a year ago.

Helping clients leverage social media has been a passion but up until recently only a part-time gig; I’ve had many fun and challenging responsibilities to work on in parallel while trying to see if we can add social media to the value proposition Rosetta brings to the table.  In the meantime, this blog has served as a way to capture thoughts and more importantly to hear from you, continuing conversations that weren’t as suitable for Twitter or some other forum.

For my two-year blog anniversary post, I’m excited to share details about my expanded role.  As we’ve grown our social media team, I’m pleased to share that my role is now 100% focused on helping clients develop social media programs.  My goal is to build integrated programs that treat social media tactics as informed strategies, leveraging deeper understanding of a brand’s most valuable customers and prospects through Rosetta’s Personality®-based segmentation.

What this really means:

  • After 15 years in consulting (first 12 at Accenture), I’ve been able to craft a role for myself (with leadership team sponsorship) at a digital agency I’m excited about.
  • For a long time I’ve been advocating that social media marketing tactics should be treated alongside other digital initiatives in an integrated and strategic way, leveraging CRM, segmentation and consumer insight.  Now I get to truly focus full time on making that happen.
  • I’ve spent the last two+ years learning and applying what I’ve learned in social media, now I get to learn and apply on a full time basis.  (But I’m no expert, just trying to help clients make informed decisions).

Frankly I’m very grateful to see a more formal career path emerge from ideas, especially seeing how friends struggle to find jobs in Fort Walton all around me.  I’m looking forward to sharing more here with a reinvigorated sense of purpose, and to thanking a lot of people in person over the next few weeks.  At risk of forgetting to call out a few, a hat tip to a few folks who continue to inspire me in this space:  Len Devanna, Ken Burbary, Marc Meyer, Aaron Strout, Jim Storer, Kyle Flaherty, Tim Walker, Amber Naslund, Beth Harte, and Rachel Happe.  And certainly Mark Taylor who has been my biggest advocate.  Now to deliver on the promise…

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  • Your work for your many clients shows how talented you are in helping apply big, crazy ideas about social media into true, actionable plans. A very happy blogiversary to you, Adam!

  • … Great to read the progression of your role, and more importantly how you are now doing what you've been advocating AND what you love to do. (I feel/hope I'll be writing a similar post a year from now) if you ever start capturing and teaching your learnings, I'll be your first student…

  • Thanks Gradon, really appreciate it!

  • Thanks Tyson. We could learn from each other as you have more of the enterpreneurial bootstraps on. Good to catch up with you and hope to see you at SXSW.

  • There is a lesson here for all of us. Your life and career is what you make it. We are all free to make choices that lead us where we want to go. Well done, Adam.

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  • Congrats Adam. That's great news. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the months and years ahead.

  • Thanks Dan, more to come soon. I appreciate the thoughts.

  • Well put Dan, thanks again. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to influence how this has transpired and to have support from the leadership team. Of course, be careful what you wish for, pressure's on 😉

  • 2 years. Props Adam!

  • Thanks, my man. I'll have to figure out how to dial it up a notch. In comparison this is a ball of lint in the pocket of the Lost Jacket.

  • AmberNaslund

    Adam – big congratulations for what is well-deserved recognition for your work. I've little doubt that you'll continue to shine as an example of all things that are right with this space, and show us the success of the clients whose future you help to build in social media. Great work!!!

  • Congrats on formalizing the role, and I am excited to continue to follow your progression in the social media space. To think, at one point in time I could give you tips, but the tables have turned in a short time. Truly a testament to your ability, talent, and dedication. I wish you amazing success in your new role.

  • Thanks Amber, that means a lot. I look forward to catching up in a couple weeks in Austin.

  • Hey, don't sell yourself short, I expect I'll always be in learn mode. Thanks Mike – appreciate the thoughts and good to hear from you.

  • Congratulations Adam! I know you've been very passionate about social media and how it can help organizations reach their full potential when it comes to customer relations. Very happy for you and glad to see that Rosetta is leveraging one of the best talents in this field.

    Beth Harte
    Sr. Subject Matter Expert, Digital Marketing
    Serengeti Communications

  • Beth – congrats on your new role as well, I'll be following along. I think we have a lot of similarities in focus actually, I look forward to talking shop sometime soon. Thanks much for the kind words.

  • ldevanna

    Great news for you… Even better news for your current and future clients.

    Congratulations for being able to see the big picture and the opportunities at hand, and being dynamic and flexible enough to embrace and evolve along with it.

  • Congratulations Adam – well deserved after a lot of internal advocacy – it's easy to see from the outside the change coming, but hard to integrate new perspectives into an organization so I impressed you've been able to move the needle for Rosetta.

  • Adam,

    Mazel Tov! Great to see your passion pay off with increased responsibility and recognition. I know you'll really deliver on the promise. Looking forward to see it.

  • Thanks Len – that means a lot. I still have to call you out – You were the one a few years ago who said to me, “I think you'd like this social media stuff.” Looking forward to seeing you at SXSW.

  • Thanks Rachel. You of all folks can appreciate the internal challenges and shift in understanding required. I've moved it a little but lots of work to do 😉

  • Thanks Warren, much appreciated!

  • Now I'm inspired. Thanks for posting, Adam. Looking forward to many more great 'a thousand cuts' to come.

  • ellenhoenig

    Adam, A big congrats…great to see that you will now be focusing 100% of your time on your SM passion…able to lead the way and help insure that SM tactics are applied strategically and with thoughtfulness…and I can't wait to see your successes–especially in the world of healthcare! 😉 PS you still owe me that coffee you promised next trip to Princeton…

  • Thanks for the kind words Ellen and we will definitely make that coffee happen soon. I'm overdue to get to Princeton and expect a trip there near the end of the month..

  • As a practitioner in this space, your comments mean a lot – thanks Jeff and hope to cross paths soon!

  • christinaklenotic

    Congrats, Adam!

  • Thanks Christina, I appreciate it!

  • Adam – I'm a bit behind the curve on passing along congrats, but I think you know how I feel. You're on more than a few “people that inspire me” posts, including mine (although it remains unwritten for the time being). Keep on keeping it on and we'll look forward to more great things from you in the coming two years!

    Jim | @jimstorer

  • Thanks Jim, looking forward to pushing ahead with a different purpose and perspective…Your support throughout has been much appreciated!

  • lwagenberg

    Congratulations on the new more focused roll Adam. Nice post.

  • lwagenberg

    Congratulations on the new more focused roll Adam. Nice post.